means raw or uncooked meats

Kitchen Entrees


Broiled with special teriyaki sauce and vegetables
Served with miso soup, salad and rice
Tofu Teriyaki 13.30
Vegetable Teriyaki 13.30
Chicken Teriyaki 16.45
Salmon Teriyaki 18.95
Beef Negimaki 19.45
Steak Teriyaki 20.45
Shrimp Teriyaki 20.45
Scallop Teriyaki 21.45
Filet Mignon Teriyaki 24.45
Seafood Teriyaki 27.95


Lightly battered and deep fried with homemade tempura sauce
served with miso soup, salad and rice
Vegetable Tempura 13.45
Chicken Tempura 15.45
Assorted Tempura (Shrimp & Vegetables) 17.45
Shrimp Tempura 17.45
Seafood Tempura
(Scallop, Kani, Shrimp and Salmon)
House Special Tempura
(Vegetable, chicken, shrimp, scallop, kani, salmon and lobster)


Deep fried in bread crumb batter
Served with miso soup, salad and rice
Ton Katsu (Pork cutlet) 15.45
Chicken Katsu 15.45
Salmon Katsu 19.00